Birthday Bitch

I picked up a bottle of Bitch Wine from the endcap at Trader Joe’s, hoping it would give me an expressive, expansive, and inexpensive Cabernet.

An earthy and elegant woman stood on the other side of the display studying the chalkboard description. Her fingers twirled a supple lock of hair as she read about the voluptuous succulence and creamy mouthfeel of this sassy, full-bodied red.

Her daughter approached, looking adorable in pink leggings which matched the collar of her dress, and clutching a box of Joe-Joes. She stared up at her mother with the cloying sweetness of pleading eyes.

“Put those back, please. We have plenty of junk food at home,” said the mother, not taking her eyes off the wine display.

“But, Mo-om…”

“I said, ‘No!’”

“Buut, Mo-o-o-om…”

The mother looked down at her daughter, exchanging an unspoken communication. Her body sagged and her face crushed into a yearning-to-flee expression. She grabbed two bottles of wine, holding them to her breasts. “Okay. You can have them. But today is the last day of your birthday month!”

Today is the last day of my birthday month and my 50th birthday.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Bitch

  1. That’s a funny story, and so familiar. What’s funniest to me though, is that I imagined the mom realized she had two bottles of wine she didn’t really need, and realized that if she was going to allow herself to buy the wine, she had to allow her daughter to buy the junk food, otherwise no wine for Mommy!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Month Belated!

  2. Dawn,
    I do not know which day this month is your birthday but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

    From a beautiful 50 to a gorgeous 51!

    • Thank you, Mark. My birthday isn’t til the very last day of the month. Makes milking birthday month even sweeter as I get to save the best for last. 😉

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